About Us


Experience we have is very wide and over the years we have been fixing many different types of electronics. 

We offer professional service and flexibility. Just feel free to contact us about any kind of electronic device at any time.

We repair all kind of electronic devices. Mainly industrial ones like:

Specialist in the design and build of satellite, digital, and IP TV distribution systems. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients, including hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, apartment complexes, and businesses of all sizes  

Electronic Panels and Controllers 

Industrial PCs and Touchscreens

Mainboards, Electronic Boards, Control Boards, Power Supply Boards

PLCs, PCBs & Process Controllers

HMI Operator Control Panels

PC Boards

Television, TV Repairs

Vorwerk Thermomix and Bimby Repairs

We also offer PAT Testing (Portable appliance testing)

And many more....

We are not limited with repairs, for us it doesn't really matter what kind of electronic device it is, we can repair them all.

Call us any time if you need our help